If you want for formidable domain name administration options and personal domain names registration costs you have visited the perfect place. Look into GSPL’s video demonstration to check out what precisely GSPL can offer for your domain names.

You will find over 50 exceptional domain name extensions, or TLDs, at less expensive costs. For many of them, we have a one on one contract with the entity, in control of that TLD, which allows us to offer really low domain name registration rates. And also, since we are in special contact with the domain registrar, all alterations you will be making to your domain names will multiply all over the world noticeably faster.

For the purpose of domain management, we now have created a distinct domain administration tool – the Domain Name Manager. It’s an vital section of our Site Control Panel and it helps you conveniently deal with multiple domain names simultaneously. It is equally rich in convenient tools, such as a domain name redirection tool, a GeoIP redirection service and more. Because the Domain Manager belongs to the Control Panel, if you’ve got your website hosted along with us, you can manage your domain names and your web sites in the same place, without making use of any other panels.

In case you run a web shop, or you mean to simply create one more safety degree for one’s web site, we’ve just the thing for you – SSL Certificates. You could get an SSL certificate straight from GSPL’s Control Panel and now we may even set it up immediately for your websites. You don’t need to travel to 3rd party vendors after which fight with the SSL certificate installing and configuration.

As a possible additional security level for your personal domain names, we also have a WHOIS Privacy Protection solution. Using the Whois Privacy Protection service, we’re going to hide out your personal info out of your domain name’s Whois. This significantly lessens the likelihood for cyber theft and it also cuts down on the variety of spam messages you will get in your Whois–associated mailbox.